SIDE, It heritages MOODMU lighting desgin, a simple matt black coating lamp body with natural wooden lampshade, it’s introverted and warm. Swivel wooden lampshade, it offers proper light flexibly, by a real cutting metal plate base, it increases an attitude from SIDE. Wherever alongside with desk, wall, sofa or you at any place at home, SIDE is just a member of your home, lighting up with your side.



Less & simple color decoration collides soft & warm wooden lighting, it displays a beauty of nature & cleanliness. Based on a new project with a Japanese simple style in HK COME IN’ LIFESTYLE STORE, SIDE from MOOMU was chosen as a floor lamp, it plays a perfect role as a new member here. Letting it infuses to your home naturally & simply is an initial idea from MOODMU lighting design, it lets lighting product fit perfectly.

SIDE Family

Color options: natural Walnut, Oak, Matt black, Matt White